Pythium Infection in Plants

Pythium infection in plants

What is Pythium?

Pythium (pronounced pie-thee-um), are parasitic oomycetes (water moulds) made up of 200 species worldwide¹, most of which are pathogenic to plants. Oomycetes along with fungi are the most common pathogens involved in root rot and damping off, both of which are highly fatal to their host.

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How to Save a Plant With Root Rot?

What is root rot?

What is root rot?

Root rot is a condition characterised by the decay and death of plant roots with two primary causes; not enough oxygen (anoxia or hypoxia) or bacterial, viral, fungal and water mould infection. Because root rot occurs beneath the soil, a considerable amount of damage can occur before it is noticed.

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What Are Plant Bulbs?

What are plant bulbs?

Plant bulbs are a perennating organ made up of a modified stem and/or leaves. A perrenating organ is adapted to store energy in the form of carbohydrates, and water, allowing the plant to survive from one germination season to the next. These food reserves sustain the plant through a period of dormancy and re-emergence.  When … Read more

How To Propagate String of Pearls

How to propagate string of pearls

String of pearls (Curio rowleyanus) is a hardy succulent native to South Africa which has seen a huge surge in popularity in the past few years. Its long stems contain pearl-shaped leaves that cascade down pots when they are long enough.

There are three ways to propagate string of pearls, direct, water, or layering. Each is as simple as the next. The key to propagation is to choose healthy parent stock.

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Is Lavender Toxic to Dogs?

Is lavender toxic to dogs?

Lavender is toxic to dogs. The toxic principles are linalool and linalyl acetate which are biologically active compounds that can cause dermatitis or gastrointestinal upset depending on the route of exposure. What is lavender? Family: Lamiaceae Botanical name: Lavandula spp. Common names: Lavender Leaf colour: Green/grey Flower colour: Purple, pink, white Toxicity: Toxic to dogs … Read more

Is Thanksgiving Cactus Toxic to Dogs?

Is Thanksgiving cactus toxic to dogs?

Thanksgiving cactus is non-toxic to dogs. These popular Thanksgiving and holiday plants are safe to keep in homes with pets, but precautions must be taken when using fertilisers or pesticides on plants in homes with dogs as many are toxic.

What is Thanksgiving cactus?

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