Borage sowing guide

How to Grow and Use Borage (Borago officinalis)

What is borage? Borago officinalis is an upright annual herbaceous plant native to the Middle East, Mediterranean, and North Africa, ...
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Flower seed sowing guide

Flower Seed Sowing Guide: Height, Position and Bloom Time

The guide below compliments our flower seed sowing guide, with additional information on height, sun exposure, bloom time and toxicity ...
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Beneficial insects for the garden

Ten Beneficial Insects For the Garden

Our gardens are a diverse environment that provides a home to microorganisms, insects, and wildlife. Gardeners can harness insects to ...
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Dying dog signs

Physical Signs a Dog is Dying

Most, but not all canine deaths are the result of terminal diseases that typically occurs in two stages, early (pre-active ...
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What is a houseplant?

What is a Houseplant?

Also referred to as an indoor or pot plant, a houseplant is any plant grown inside a house or office ...
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Fungus gnats

What Are Fungus Gnats?

Fungus gnats are small flies of lower Diptera (fly) made up of several genera belonging to the Sciaroidea family. These ...
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Do dogs have knees?

Do Dogs Have Knees?

Dogs do have knees on their hindlegs, known as the stifle joint which is made up of three bones; the ...
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Ten deadliest plants

Ten Deadliest Plants

Plants have devised a number of ways to protect themselves from herbivory. Thorns, bark, and toxins all serve to deter ...
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Herb and vegetable sowing guide

Herb and Vegetable Seed Sowing Guide

Seeds require the right conditions or they will fail to germinate or germinate at a greatly reduced rate. Several factors ...
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What is the difference between Amaryllis and Hippeastrum?

What is the Difference Between Hippeastrum and Amaryllis?

Hippeastrum and Amaryllis are both flowering bulbs grown outdoors in warmer climates. Both plants produce stunning umbelliform flowers and are ...
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Houseplants toxic and non-toxic to dogs

Common Houseplants Toxic and Non-Toxic to Dogs

Houseplants have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, but not all plants are safe to have ...
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Water and light requirements of houseplants

Water and Light Requirements of Indoor Plants

Two of the basic fundamentals of growing indoor plants are meeting their light and water requirements. If these needs aren't ...
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The risks of overpotting plants

Overpotting Plants: What Are the Risks?

As the plant grows, the root system develops and eventually the plant runs out of space and will need to ...
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What are insoluble calcium oxalate crystals?

What Are Insoluble Calcium Oxalate Crystals?

First described in 1675 by Dutch microscopist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, insoluble calcium oxalate (CaOx) crystals are the most abundant biomineral ...
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Is bleeding heart toxic to dogs?

Is Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) Toxic to Dogs?

Bleeding heart (Dicentra spp., andLamprocapnos spectabilis) is toxic to dogs. The toxic principle is isoquinoline alkaloids, a convulsant and irritant ...
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Is dumbcane toxic to dogs?

Is Dieffenbachia Toxic to Dogs?

Dieffenbachia is toxic to dogs. The toxic principles are proteolytic enzyme and insoluble calcium oxalate crystals known as raphides. Raphides ...
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Flower seed sowing guide

Flower Seed Sowing Guide

Seeds require the right conditions or they will fail to germinate. Germination is triggered by soil temperature, soil depth, moisture ...
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What is etiolation?

What Is Etiolation in Plants and Why Does it Occur?

Etiolation (ee-tee-oh-lation) is a phenomenon that occurs in plants that grow in limited or absent light. This triggers the elongation ...
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Propagating plants in water

Propagating Plants in Water

Water propagation is one of the easiest ways to propagate plants. One of the advantages of water propagation is you ...
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Rose syrup recipe

Easy Rose Syrup Recipe

Rose syrup is a flavoured simple syrup with the addition of fresh or dried rose petals which impart a delicate ...
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